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  Project name: Inchon Korea Paradise Hotel&Casino 


  Country: Korea


  Project Area: Lobby/ Guardrail/ Corridor/ Front office/ Hall


  Address:  Korea Inchon Paradise Hotel


  Service item: Stainless Steel Partition; Stainless Steel Handrail; Stainless Steel Door/ Window Frame Profile; Arched door; Lighting styling; Stainless steel decorative profile; Decorative wall; etc.

We participated in the customized supply of metal decoration products for the KOREA PARADISE CASINO project designed by the HBA team. The picture shows the custom shape of the casino Incheon indoor stainless steel tube and titanium gold mirror decorative ceiling lamp frame; The specific content can also refer to the project case picture on the HBA website exhibit.


The railing typically decorative in design, with graceful curve style, which decorates the hall to be loyal and perfect.

The interior railing decoration classical element tend to be more modern scenes, with stainless steel pillar, implements the elegant luxury and rich noble space atmosphere. Using time-consuming handwork, gives the feeling of a kind of luxury.



They are perfect for the home, hotel, restaurant, bar, living room, It not only decorates your place but also separates your place private area in an otherwise open space, screen off an unseemly area.

The hotel's colorful stainless steel door, the door is people's first impression of the hotel. At present, almost all modern hotels will install colorful stainless steel custom doors, which has almost become the standard equipment of the hotel. The main reason why colorful stainless steel doors are so popular is that they are usually made of mirrored titanium (black gold, rose gold) plates, and then glass is installed in the middle. The door made in this way is equivalent to a reflective mirror on the outside of the glass. Mirror light decorative strip, so it uses colorful stainless steel door frame, beautiful and atmospheric. At the same time, the door cover that matches the color stainless steel door is also made of colored stainless steel plate. The overall look is full of metallic light and very high-end.