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Providing metal fitting out decoration supporting services for newly built, renovated hotels and international star level hotels. Giving suggestions on material selection and production engineering according to the customer's design plan requirements . In different scenes and structures, using different style of metal products, decorative with different colors and surface processing treatment which can create special decorative effects that other non-metallic materials cannot achieve. The hotel's decorative metal engineering supporting part covers the hotel Indoor and outdoor decoration areas; Outdoor including outdoor decoration walls, outdoor large screens, outdoor column cladding; indoor decor includes: lobby metal background wall, display cabinet, bar counter, wine cabinet, pillar edging, public area partition, stainless steel ceiling, stainless steel door frames, door handles, metal handrails/railings, staircase edging, room glass windows, room mirror frames, restaurant stainless steel divider, elevator door frames, metal Sign Stands letters, decorative walls, stainless steel decorative profile, etc.