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Bronze Color Finishes Processes Of Stainless Steel Material

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     At present, stainless steel  with bronze color is a more popular decoration material, which mainly comes from the old and retro treatment of stainless steel through special processing technology. Stainless steel bronze color can bring a retro, heavy and simple atmosphere, which is very high-end and has a rich culture. Therefore, it is widely used in copper doors, copper decorations, copper carvings, retro furniture copper fittings, study decorations, antiques and copper crafts, incense burners, copper handles, reliefs, display cabinets, curtain walls, sculptures and other fields and are well received and loved by customers.


     The use of stainless steel products with bronze color has many advantages: the production and processing cost of stainless steel with bronze color is much lower than that of copper, so processed products have a greater price competitive advantage, and the same effect can be obtained at a lower cost; because of the hardness of copper Low, difficult to use in large areas, the hardness of stainless steel with bronze color is higher; the chemical properties of copper are much more active than stainless steel. Stainless steel bronze is much better than copper in terms of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, water resistance and rust resistance, and has a longer service life.

     There are usually two methods for copper color plating on stainless steel: the first is vacuum plating, and then plating is a method that uses electrolysis to attach a metal film to the surface of metal or other materials. It can prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, conductivity, light reflection and enhance aesthetics.


     The second method is electroplating. It does not rely on the external power supply in the aqueous solution, but relies on the reducing agent in the electroplating solution to carry out the chemical reduction reaction, so the metal ions are continuous on the autocatalytic surface reduction. Process method for forming metal plating. The treatment process first is to dewax and degrease the electroplated workpiece. After activation, alkaline copper is first electroplated. The plating time is about 10 minutes. After being discharged from the tank, it is cleaned, neutralized and activated, and then bright copper plating is performed. 

     The plating time is more than 20 minutes. When the plating layer is thick enough, take it out of the water tank for washing, activation, and direct nickel plating and black plating. The plating time should be evenly painted black on the surface of the workpiece, then washed with water, dried and waited for processing. Copper bright electroplated workpieces can also turn black after cleaning. 

     Usually, they are immersed in a 5% potassium sulfide aqueous solution and turned repeatedly. When the surface of the workpiece is black or brown, take out the workpiece, wash with water, dry, and then wait for processing. Then, use a nylon wheel to polish the workpiece that has been plated with black nickel, which is color-grabbing or black, and the degree of polishing is determined according to the requirements of patina. When the workpiece achieves the desired effect, it can be sprayed with electroplating varnish, which is the anti-fingerprint treatment commonly used now, and then dried.


    Because electroplating involves environmental pollution problems, high processing costs, and unstable chemical properties of the surface of the plating color; compared with vacuum plating, vacuum plating is currently the most popular and most environmentally friendly practice.

    Stainless steel copper color plating includes bronze, red bronze, yellow bronze, and blackened bronze. Material to make copper color plating includes: iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most common, safest, reliable, and stable material to make copper color plating, and the cost is lower.


    The difference and method of surface treatment process, the effect produced by each manufacturer is quite different. In short, if you want to find the imitation copper color plate suitable for you, the comparison of process and material is the most important.

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