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How To Choose Spot Welding And Full Welding For Fitting Out Projects?

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      In different projects that have different requirements and different dimensions, but nice finished products are the key points that every contractor or owner persuit.

From material sourcing to production and packing, we strictly control every procedure to meet the high end standard.

     Today, let us introduce a very important procedure---Welding part.

     Most of the stainless steel screens and other products are joined by several units by welding, so that each unit is firmly connected together.

     Welding is mostly by physical work,which using in dedicated stainless steel products. This part is obviously shows the high workmanship of the workers. There are two welding ways that are commonly used, which are spot welding and full welding.


     Spot Welding: Spot welding is a welding method with a few taps at a sharp corner of 90 degrees. The advantages to such spot welding are as follow, the outer sharp corners are easy to handle; Then, at the inner sharp corners, you only need to weld the joints with two points; the processing is fast, the cost is low.

     Full welding: Full welding is mainly to fill up all the interface gaps on the surface with welding wire, and then polish and wire (polishing) to weld the entire screen so that no gaps can be seen, and the overall appearance is uniform. The full-welded screen looks beautiful as no welding point or gap, and takes more time than spot welding, so the processing cost is higher than spot welding. 

      Many hotel projects, high end shopping malls, commercial building projects required for high-end quality , so they prefer to choose full welding.

Welcome to contact us that we can give you solution on choosing different ways.

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