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Breakthrough In The Demand For Customized Services Of Metal Engineering Products

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In the stainless steel product customization industry, if there are new players who can break the competition pattern of giants, it is also likely to be a new category that is quietly emerging. Stainless steel customization is just such a category that has not yet received widespread attention from the public.


Ai Reese mentioned in "Positioning", "The best way to create a brand is not to chase an existing category, but to create a new category that you can enter first." That is, "divide and conquer." As far as the most classic case, Coca-Cola has created a new market of "Cola" in an environment where soft drinks dominate the market; all have allowed us to witness the process of occupying the mental gap of potential customers through new categories.


Returning to the field of metal engineering product customization, when the standard building materials were popular in the past, the pattern was also broken by customization, and the root cause was potential consumer demand. When consumers actually have a mental gap or potential demand, the characteristics of the new category happen to perfectly complement this, and in fact they already have the prerequisites for possessing the mind.

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Stainless steel can imitate a variety of materials and colors to achieve integration of screens and spaces, a reasonable combination of aesthetics and effective use of space, and environmental protection.


"Environmental protection" is precisely the core pain point of consumer decoration. The pursuit of "non-ferrous" environmentally friendly materials runs through the development of the interior decoration industry. Regardless of what standard the sheet meets, how it is called "zero formaldehyde", compared to stainless steel, which is naturally insulated from formaldehyde, it seems to be less convincing. In this regard, stainless steel products already have new product characteristics that meet consumer demand. . There are two other points that really affect the purchase decision: the shortcomings in the design of stainless steel products and the high price.



We Inoxfurt Metal Company has increased investment in scientific research in the design of stainless steel products, continuously introduced and used high-end CNC production equipment at home and abroad, and established our own stainless steel material inventory system to achieve stable production material prices and ensure factory product performance The stability. We already have the characteristics of new categories and sufficient product power to meet consumer demand, and enter the next stage with strong strength and perfect production system to achieve breakthrough growth.


When market demand rapidly expands, it will be a natural process to force production into information and scale. The key issue is still the increase in the market.


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The process of category substitution is actually a process for stainless steel products to break through in engineering project customization. The long-standing consumer concept of customers purchasing customized products within the same period from different suppliers and the price advantage of customized products will make this process extremely difficult. Stainless steel customization companies are required to carry out a series of conceptual packaging for new categories, and launch a cooperation method of fully customized turnkey services for the metal engineering part of the project, increase customer trust in the company, and make customers feel at ease.


However, to truly occupy a place, it also requires the overall development and growth of stainless steel customization enterprises, the maturity of all links in the industrial chain and the perfection of the service system. In addition to a certain amount of time, it also requires category excellent companies to play a good leading role, driving the same category of companies to grow together from design, production, marketing, and service, forming healthy competition, and jointly expanding the plate.


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