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Brief Introduction Of Stainless Steel Screens' Processes

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Details show quality!For a high-end stainless steel artwork, the details are very important. Every process needs to be done nicely. We’d like to introduce the main processes of stainless steel screen.

     1. Cutting material. Pay attention to the size and accuracy when opening materials, which is related to the final size and accuracy of the whole partition.

     2. Welding and polishing. Pay attention to the welding temperature and the size as well as the length of the welding spots. The skill of workers relates to the effect of welding and polishing. This part is particularly important because it will affect the connection details and surface treatment of the whole product.

     3. Color coating. It is necessary to make holes in the outer frame to prevent the degassing of color coating. In addition, the product shall be cleaned before plating, and the screen shall be checked for scratches while removing dirt. After the product out of the oven (before into the color plating furnace), the workers need to make a comprehensive inspection of the screen. Because it might be scratched in the oven.

     4. Anti-finger print finishes. Check the product carefully when it comes out of the color coating oven and then proceed to spray the anti-finger print process if need.

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