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Custom Metal Screen In Hotel All-day Dinning

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As a public place with a large number of people in the hotel, the all-day restaurant focuses on Western food as one of the restaurants. The variety of food types facilitates the daily dining of tourists, so a comfortable dining environment is very important. The decoration of the all-day restaurant will also affect the impression of tourists on the hotel.

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In the modern dining environment, the partition is not a whole wall, remove convenient stainless steel screen side wall partition, partition is one side wall of setting of main adornment effect, two functions attribute partition screen is the most likeable.

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Stainless steel partition screen, the aesthetic characteristics of the material itself is abstract, abstract and concrete comparison, abstract imagination space is broader. The form, texture, color and texture of materials can stimulate the creation of creators. Modern partition screen in the use of materials are mostly in line with the form of screen characteristics, because modern partition screen is not only spiritual products, but also material products, it reflects the technical characteristics of modern society.

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1. The characteristics of the stainless steel screen itself: corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, high strength, impact resistance, fireproof moistureproof, easy processing molding, long service life, environmental protection and recyclable, smooth surface, no pollution and no odor.

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2. The partition form of stainless steel screen is very flexible, so that the dining environment does not cause chaos, romantic and unique style under the premise of multi-functional space partition, and delicate stainless steel screen can enhance the aesthetic feeling of the overall space.

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3. Stainless steel screen has a wide range of application scenarios, in addition to high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs, private homes and other places, whether it is mirror effect or wire drawing effect, can be matched with lighting, more in line with modern design aesthetic, which is incomparable to other materials.

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