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Customized Metal Work For Luxury Villa

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In previous share custom metal decorative case, most of them are used for commercial purposes, actually can also be used in home outfit custom metal decoration, especially for the villa decoration, in recent years, the designers prefer to put the metal elements into the villa decoration, because of plating titanium gold and bronze stainless steel itself with luxurious texture.

Villa ss metal work

The living room of the villa has a high ceiling, and the luxurious temperament is expressed by a variety of complex materials orderly through the spacious space, giving personality and enhancing the atmosphere, bringing a sense of art to the space. In particular, the arc screen decoration wall of the common position of the living room, under the illumination of the chandelier, the double combination of bronze stainless steel plate and blue art pattern makes it just right, the living room pays attention to the integrity of the space, using a variety of different materials and tones to shape the space, from the atmosphere to the details of the quality interpretation of elegant luxury.

Villa ss metal work1

Kitchen floor is committed to creating the top space experience of villa living, both design aesthetics and functionalism, the west kitchen island and gorgeous chandelier create a gorgeous and high-level atmosphere, red high chair and the overall atmosphere of bold color collision, brassy porch board release luxury.

Villa ss metal work2

The private wine cellar space is full of romantic atmosphere, and the stone wall color is elegant and elegant. Titanium gold inside metal wine rack, with quality foreign wine, more luxurious.

Villa ss metal work4

The designer takes advantage of the high space to create a family concert hall space. The lower level is a high piano concert hall with art collection and exhibition functions, and the upper level is an art gallery. Looking DOWN FROM the high level, the curved brass-colored STAIR package plate matches the brass-colored metal handrail, and then coordinates the central furnishings piano, showing the artistic atmosphere completely.

Villa ss metal work5

Villa ss metal work6

The application of the main bathroom stone wall is also unique and extraordinary. The square mirror and spot light make the space look more hierarchical and create an impeccable sense of comfort and beauty. The brassy glass shower door frame and the metal background wall mirror frame of the position of the washing tray make the luxury elements play fully.

Villa ss metal work8

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