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Customized Metal Work In Reception Area

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This period of time to share a business case of reception, the designer combined with natural texture and cultural context, put forward "with the help of the academic in the hall as the table,", poetic habitat in the search for the beauty of Oriental culture at the same time, using this technique, modern Oriental Local culture and modern art design will be combined to interpret the modern unique living aesthetics.

Reception metal work2

"Straight line belongs to human, curve belongs to God", this is the genius architect Gaudi's praise for curvy beauty, curve comes from nature, so that the originally empty space is full of flexibility and fluidity. The designer combines the design wisdom of the East and the West, and selects the custom simple curve U-shaped metal decoration. This element runs through the whole design, giving the space flow and artistry, but also increasing the beauty of details.

Reception metal work5

The bar space is decorated with customized gold metal and green to establish the elegant and modern beauty of the display cabinet. The Chinese fan-shaped elements symbolizing etiquette and elegance are integrated into the semi-transparent screen design, bringing the visual touch of modern Oriental aesthetics.

Reception metal work6

Books are the source of cultural life, connected to the past, present and future, bacon once said, "the book is in the waves of sailing ship to the thought of The Times, it carefully the precious goods shipped to generation after generation, in jiang right hall, enjoy building book space this is an area of humanities, provide visitors with immersion spiritual space, and the historical cultural resonance in literati.

Reception metal work4

Sand table area and negotiation area, as the key connecting point of interior space, adopt large area lighting, the whole echoes the sense of scale of the opening and closing atmosphere of the hall, skillfully use natural elements and different science and technology metal elements collision and interweave, so that people and space have more intersection. In addition to the discussion of stone and green points, it also creates a more suitable connection with the landscape to create a natural and comfortable social atmosphere.

Reception metal work3

The art lobby on the south side, as an auxiliary negotiation area, is decorated with bamboo green and partially decorated with marble and customized metal elements, endowing elegant Oriental temperament. Under the natural light mapping, the space has a quiet and active, modern and traditional feeling.

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