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Customized Stainless Steel Door Cover Introduction

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1.What is stainless steel door frame?

Stainless steel door cover is made on the basis of ordinary stainless steel door cover vacuum titanium plating process processing, or with vacuum titanium plating process processing of stainless steel plate plane groove bending processing. Stainless steel door cover is simply a layer of door frame outside the door, the role of stainless steel door cover is generally playing a fixed door fan, protect the wall, enhance the effect of decorative environment.

Hotel main door stainless steel


2.Species and classification:

Stainless steel door cover has many kinds of materials, the most common family decoration is wooden door cover. Commercial decoration is the most common aluminum alloy, stainless steel, stone in the majority. Here focuses on the stainless steel door cover. Stainless steel door according to the material can be divided into 201 stainless steel door, 304 stainless steel door. Stainless steel door according to the surface texture can be divided into mirror stainless steel door, stainless steel door. Stainless steel after vacuum titanium plating process is given many colors, such as titanium gold stainless steel door, rose gold stainless steel door, black stainless steel door.

Stainless steel cover drawing

Stainless steel cover details

3.Dimensions and Specifications:

Stainless steel door covers are generally customized production and processing in accordance with the needs of users. There are many different specifications and sizes, can be based on engineering drawings to find professional production and processing manufacturers such as Infeld metal to customize processing. The stainless steel door cover has many shapes, most of which are U-shaped or rectangular and arc-shaped. According to the effect diagram of stainless steel door and the construction process of stainless steel door to customize production and processing.

stainless steel cover section view

4.The product price

The important factors that affect the stainless steel door are: the thickness of the door, the material of the door, the surface treatment, the number of bending , If need to plane slot, the length of the plane slot and so on. According to these manufacturers to figure out cost accounting and quotation. Quotation is generally calculated by square meters or meters. to process production for Golden stainless steel door cover  ?

Stainless steel door is generally after stainless steel plate cutting plate blanking, cut into each door splicing profile spread plate, and then use planer groove bending equipment planer groove bending, processing into the shape of the profile.

bending and dadoing


6.Product application:


Stainless steel door cover is mainly used with the glass door or wood door inside, the role of fixed glass and wood. Home decoration, hotel decoration, commercial building decoration industry. The door cover that pledges than other material wants sturdier, color has diversification more, adornment effect is stronger.

stainless steel cover

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