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Decoration Case Of The Sales Department Hall

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This period we share with you is the decoration case of the sales department hall, located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.


In the design of the lobby of the sales department, the designers extracted symbols of memory from the traditional landscape

 of tiled eaves and flying flowers on the eaves.

Through the grasp of structural design and modeling aesthetics, a unique cultural echo is presented, which arouses people's 

sense of identiesand belonging to regional traditionsfrom the first time they enter the space.


The stairs adopt two kinds of atomized metal collage, one inside and one outside, to strengthen the guiding and structural 

tension of the space. The classic electroplated bronze color and the granite match to show the high-grade texture. In terms

 of appearance, the smooth rotating arc soften the hard frame structure of the reception hall, adding a classical rhythm to the 

space, and inspiring dynamic infinite imagination with a static posture.



As a whole, the space presents a symmetrical structure, and each area can be open to each other to form a complete and 

smooth continuation space. 

The use of two kinds of stone materials to create the traditional ink and wash painting in the virtual and real shades of visual

 perception, presenting a  kind of elegant quiet. The application of glass and atomized metal adds a modern aesthetic atmosphere 

and a sense of light luxury quality to the space.



Turquoise green, as the main color of soft decoration, both from the original nature, and from the landscape between the literati. 

Because of its relatively low saturation, give a person with relaxed and composed feeling.


Because of its unique neutral temperament and sense of scale, it stretches the mood and atmosphere of the space and guides 

the interaction between people in the space.


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