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Faced With The Unprecedented Situation Of "Opening Two And Stopping Five"

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Faced with the unprecedented situation of "opening two and stopping five", "limiting production of 90%", and "stopping production of thousands of enterprises", local enterprises feel more pressure. If long-term electricity, production capacity cannot keep up with demand, we can only further reduce orders and tighten supply on the demand side.


In the peak season of "Golden Nine and Silver Ten", when the supply of goods is already in short supply, the superimposed energy consumption double control will vigorously attack, which will lead to a reduction in the supply of high energy consumption products. As a manufacturing and processing plant in the middle of the stainless steel industry chain, under the background of the continuous price increase of the three traditional energy sources "water, electricity and gas", it is in an awkward position. Metal manufacturing companies are facing tremendous operational pressure and the situation is very severe.



The order has been reduced. Can your order be delivered on schedule?


At present, the operating environment of metal and building materials companies across the country is very severe. Large-scale power outages and production restrictions will inevitably affect production capacity. The next delivery date between material manufacturers and exporters may set off a "soul bloody" game, queuing, pressing cards, Situations such as warehouse explosions may happen from time to time, and shipping on time has become the biggest headache for exporters.



At present, the autumn and winter peak seasons for building materials and exporters are approaching, and many companies are preparing for the busiest months of year-end export of goods. However, companies stop production, orders are reduced, material costs rise in disguise, and from time to time there are large-scale rush orders. Does the manufacturer's production speed keep up with the peak sales season? Can your order be delivered on schedule? These are all questionable issues.


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