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Factors That Affecting Delivery Time

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    The delivery of the customized stainless steel products, not only required the workers to be familiar with the work content, and arrange a reasonable amount of work every day, but also there are many aspects that need workers to pay attention in the production process. Let's take a closer look at it.


    The connection and production matching of each process must be considered. An order production must go through a series of processes to complete. The connection between first and later processes is crucial to production. For example, different raw materials must firstly do surface finishes according to different requirements before production, which can make sure the production proceed on schedule.If the first step not doing well, which will cause too many unfinished raw materials in the workshop and stop the production plan .

    In addition, supporting production is also very important, It can effectively improve production efficiency and lower production costs.


     A project will include multiple types of designs and products, which are processed in different production workshops according to different procedures according to the requirements and dimensions of the production drawings.

     The production procedures of each product is different. Products with less procedures are likely to be produced in advance, and products with many production procedures and complex processes are most likely not to be produced within the specified time.

     The date of completion of the same order product may be a bit far apart, because of the different designs of the products. But the first half finished usually waits for the completion of the entire order and semi-finished products before proceeding to the final processing, such as the electroplating of stainless steel products. The same batch of products are plated at the same time, in order to avoid color differences. 


     Some products finished at advance in this way will need store at warehouse. At the same time, the semi-finished products will have dust on the surface for too long or cause bumps and scratches on the surface. The surface quality will be seriously affected when the plating treatment is performed. So after that, it is necessary to clean up the dust on the surface and check whether there is physical damage. 

     Finally, to the PVD coating workshop; if the product is produced in the order of product output. If the product is produced in the order of output, it will cause an order to be produced multiple times in the surface treatment process, which not only seriously affects the production efficiency, but also greatly increases the cost..

      In all, we should handle the raw material well at the first time.

     Generally speaking, stainless steel product customization manufacturers generally have their own stable inventory of auxiliary materials, but due to various reasons, there will definitely be supply abnormalities. If this information is not grasped in time, they will make wrong judgments that cause cannot the  delivery date.

    There are many factors that affect the delivery date of customized stainless steel products , from the preparation before production, the production process and some quality inspection and packaging processes after production, to the logistics and customs clearance procedures, all take time.

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