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Hotel Lobby Metal Work

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A Hotel lobby less than 600 square meters, not only needs to solve the limitations of the site environment, a large part of the inherent function of the space layout, placement problems, but also needs to face in addition, the design in the sense of space innovation, that is, the design itself "creative" and "aesthetic expression", in response to the designer's occasional self.


Therefore, in this project, space is no longer simply the connection of each functional unit of meaning, but a site form with a sense of functional extension and scene fullness formed through the continuous superposition of each local richness.

Due to the limitation of the small area occupied by the building, the designer turned to the interior of the space to find an opportunity to partially open up to extend the depth of the space facade, creating the emotional transformation between the space and people between the wrapping and the open enclosure.


The construction language with strong architectural sense creates the spatial perception and visual focus on scale by orderly descending gradient. The light falling from the skylight falls back in different folds, exposing the original rough array contrast order between materials. The luxurious gold paint and the rock slab restoring the natural wild texture of natural marble form the source of power in the spatial expression.

wall metal screen

wall screen 1

Hard, deep, dark, eliminated redundant decoration, the design returns to the uniqueness of the material itself. Exquisite and rough, smooth and obscure, only through the mutual fit and nesting of materials, to carry and express the classical power of space.


The classical black and white and gold color, in the minimalist geometric line sense of space rhythm, presents a strong alternating, changing artistic expression, the pure sense of art aesthetic and the richness of contemporary living life, under the action of the details of the texture of the structure, form the dramatic tension of the space.

The "tension" is spreading, and in the space of turning points, form a wandering, traction wiring.


Under the dark tone, negotiations comfortable, quietly elegant emotional appeal, rise to show in the light expression, dense thick cloth art and velvet, with the quietly elegant color and touch of delicate and warm, jump out of the deep feeling around, carrying people's private and relaxed atmosphere of conversation.


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