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Inoxfurt Has Been Strictly Following The Standards Certified By SGS

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  Thanks to the international certification SGS once again for our group to provide professional and strict certification services, all goods successfully passed the inspection certification, and has sent the goods to customers around the world on the way, this is worth our excitement, in the global by novel coronavirus epidemic influence of the international trade environment, our group and SGS certification bodies to cooperate, provide customers with the most professional and guaranteed services, so that they smoothly received our products on time, to achieve win-win.



      First, SGS is an internationally recognized inspection, appraisal, testing and certification organization. Their testing standards are also the standards and norms that our group always pursues and strictly adheres to. Through certification, we can show our customers around the world that our products, processes, systems and services meet international standards and norms, as well as customer requirements. This is the benchmark of quality and integrity that we are recognized by our customers around the world.

 1.All the data of the product should be Precise, rigorous, professional. To make sure the quantitysizeshape same as the confirmed drawing from client

 2.The technical quality inspectionthe finished colormatch the colorthe quality of surface treatmentbatch product manufacturing and color difference

 3.The protect package of the productstandard export plywood boxproduct protect in the box. Each product there will have 2 kinds of package material to package wellone white pvc filmand one bubble filmto protect the area that will be easy damageand surface

That will be visible,after plywood box closed we will use the pvc strip to fasten the plywood box.

 4.We will stick the small mark on each protect package to show the product description.

 5.SGS Certification, product inspection, the quality of the certification standards of a strong proof 


    Second, how we make sure all the data of the product same as the client's drawing and request in the entire production and processing to keep accurate

1. Communicated with customers to obtain their order requirements and drawing information;

2. Confirm the style, quantity and process requirements of all products through customer's CAD design drawings;

3. Submit the customer's inquiry order to the Engineering Design Department to check the price, and the designer will give production suggestions and schemes according to the customer's design scheme combined with the production process. If it meets the production and design requirements, the professional quotation will be made;

4. Get the quotation and send it to the customer for preliminary confirmation of the order information. If the customer needs to change the original design scheme or increase the number of products, the second quotation will be made until all the schemes and quotations are finally confirmed by the customer;

5. The confirmation of order, through the customer's final confirmation all the order information, after we receive the customer's deposit, the production department issued production orders directly, by the engineering design part down all the product drawings and then distributed to each production workshop, material prepared by the head of production workshop is responsible for production and follow up production progress;

6. Semi-finished product sample testing, in strict accordance with the product design style data on the semi-finished product data sampling testing, to ensure that all the dimensional data is accurate, check the material quality and the production process whether there is an impact on the later process processing, especially on the plating color process coloring effect;

7. Test the finished product sample, measure the size again, focus on testing the finished product surface technology and plating color, check whether there is a large color difference in the contrast color sample, and repeatedly test until the finished product is qualified before the production leader of the factory issues mass production instructions; The time required for the whole sample testing process is in the production plan, which does not affect the production and processing delivery period of the whole engineering order.

8. Sampling inspection of batch production products, each production link will strictly follow up the inspection of production drawings and quality inspection, and each link can have detailed tracking and feedback, so that each product and each production link can be guaranteed quality;

9. Batch finished product testing, followed up by the product quality monitoring person in charge of the factory, to check the quantity of all products, sample inspection of size, comparison of finished color batch electronic color meter, product packaging, including protection of product visibility, protection of product casings and packaging protection of export wooden cases;

10. Third-party testing agency SGS international certification, cooperate with the third party inspection agencies, head of the inspection certification, certified by the third party testing institutions to test the result of the feedback to customers, through the authentication, the customer to make sure all the goods to pay the rest after the test results the goods balance payment, the company's financial after receiving the customer balance payment immediately inform warehouse arrangement, head of the freight transport the goods to the appointed warehouse or port for customs clearance procedures, and then by the head of the electronic bill of lading to clients, customers in the local reached port submit bill of lading to take delivery of goods;


Third, our company is mainly to provide global customers with metal decorative products customized engineering supporting services, through the third party international testing agency SGS certification to provide customers with double guarantee.

1. Disadvantages of not using customized supporting services; For example, a customer customized the same batch of products from different suppliers, resulting in serious color difference and size problems, and failed to pass the SGS testing certification, and had to order production again, resulting in significant losses and delayed construction period and project progress; It is concluded that large engineering projects should adopt the same batch of metal part engineering products for supporting production.


2. What is the point  of the client worry about the customized stainless steel products; (Worried about product quality problems, the strength of suppliers (many suppliers have process outsourcing, and the process control is not strict), and the delivery delay)


3. The importance of supporting services for interior metal decoration products customization project; Especially hotel engineering projects.


4. How we let the client no worry the product quality: Our metal engineering supporting services (production equipment supporting, all our production processes are produced in our own factory, including: Product design scheme of communication (will get factory engineer's feedback in the first place, according to the customer's actual requirements and product production process combined to give different options and guidance), the selection of raw materials, the rough machining (grinding welding), finish machining, polishing, surface treatment technology), plating color oil seal (advanced plating workshop, no dust seal oil workshop), packing (protection of products is in place, the standard of export plywood cases), transportation, and after-sales.


    The fourth has been strictly follow international inspection agency SGS certification standards and global services to our clients and our group and SGS certification body work together to provide the most professional security services to the customers, we can show customers around the globe with us in line with international standards and norms, professional services to meet customer demand, this is our global customers recognized quality and integrity of benchmark. We welcome buyers and customers all over the world who have project needs to communicate with us through our official website, email address and service phone number, so that our cooperation without going out becomes possible. Thank you for your attention.



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