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Participated In The Project Of Philippine Admiral Hotel

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  Admiral Bay Suites Manila, originally known as the Admiral Apartments, is one of the few remaining historic landmarks along Roxas Boulevard (then Dewey Boulevard) in Manila, Philippines. During its heyday, the Admiral Hotel was the social hub of the Philippine elite during the pre-war era.

 Admiral hotel

It was a treasure experience to participate in this project. After making samples and delivered to the site, we arranged experienced engineers to guide on site which was directly to solve problem and give the best solution. It save much time to discussing problem.

After gathering the issues at site,we improved the designs, and gave the best suggestions according to the reality. After testing the samples and adjusted the production plans, all things went with schedule.

Our factory has offered the customized metal wall screens, wall decorative trims, door trims, washing room screens, mirror frames, counter legs, ceiling decorative profiles, etc..

 discussing with site team

Regards to the stainless steel screens with glass, we discussed and adjusted many times with the stie team to how to make the space for glass fixing more easily and reduce less gap. 

In order to invoid the rotating mirror frames to be screcthed and bumped, we tried many ways  and finally find a best way to solve it.

Our team always work as a stainless steel products consultant and manufacturer,which you'll save much time and use less budget cost to finish your project.

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