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Production Status Of Last Month Before New Year

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     The Chinese New Year is coming in one month, and our factory will be on holiday in early February. There are about 20 days holiday, so the remaining production time is not less than a month. Now our workshops are rushing for goods. We have basically stopped receiving new orders that need to be shipped before the holiday, because the product production process includes cutting, slotting&bending, welding, polishing, plating, etc., which takes one month to produce.

     You can roughly know the production situation from the following workshop pictures

  1. Welding and polishing workshop


       2. Cutting, slotting and bending workshop


       Now the production in major workshops is saturated, and workers need to work overtime to produce existing orders. Not only are the workshop workers busy, but the office staff are also busy. Especially the shipping department.



      In the last month, we will still uphold our high quality standards and craftsmanship, do a good job of finishing and control the quality. All goods will be shipped out before the Spring Festival holiday so that customers can receive the goods as soon as possible. I would also like to thank all customers for your support, and hope that we will continue to cooperate with more projects in the coming year and products bring you nice feeling. Finally, I wish everyone health, happiness and prosperity in the Year of the Ox!


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