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  W global hotel brand is a global design giant. Each of its hotels creates a design concept full of creativity and reflecting local characteristics, constantly breaking through the inherent thinking and limitations in the design field. W Hotel Guangzhou has assembled a team of leading regional and international designers to create the hotel's design concept and vividly show the ancient culture and splendid future of Guangzhou.


A number of innovative installations have been carefully placed in various corners of the hotel, including the stunning three-storey 'illuminated water landscape wall' at the Check in Reception . Inspired by WETDesign's impressionist style, the installation is a masterpiece of light, line and color criss-crossing, colliding and evolving in liquid form, greatly enhancing the dynamism and movement of the hotel's entrance.Other installations are also a mix of clever design and utility, including a suspended bird's nest by Yabu Pushelberg for the lounge area of the modern WOOBAR Lounge. The installation is supported by a raised walkway, suspended in the air by thin metal bars, creating a sensational yet intimate space that offers direct views of the hotel's "Living Room", a new interpretation of the W hotel brand's traditional hotel lobby.


  The Lobby lift corridor hanged three classic painting with black stainless steel Frame

  Each of the hotel's main interior Spaces has its own unique design concept, which combined to create a rich and diverse sensory experience, reflecting the ancient city of Guangzhou's place in China's modernization process. Inspired by the intricate tapestry of the region and Guangzhou's long history as a commercial and cultural center, the Spaces are cleverly combined with rich colors, creative installations, dazzling lighting and  metallic decorative wall partition to create a powerful contrast between the different Spaces.




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