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PVD Coating Procedures Overview

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PVD coating , which full name is Physical Vapor Deposition, places an importance role in producing a stainless steel product. How to make the PVD coating color perfectly match the color, which is also has particular procedures.

PVD workshop


Clean the etching ink, oil stains and wax dirt on the surface of stainless steel. Pickling the cleaned stainless steel to maintain the best surface pH, providing an excellent surface environment for activation and primer coating before PVD coating.



Secondly,hangling on the furnace.

We need to handle it carefully, cannot scratch the products, and must let every corner and surface expose in order to avoid color difference.


Thirdly, start PVD coating. 

1)Temperature should be controlled at right level. 2)The furnace should be vacuumed to suitable Pa, then stay at same Pa to finish the whole color coating. It total takes about half an hour to an hour each PVD coating, but some big size piece will take more time to 2 hours. 3)QC Checking. Check whether every corner and surface to be well finished.

3-Finished PVD_

Fourthly, Air-dried. 


Fifth,recheck color.

Using professional measurement machine to recheck the color and confirm it is matched to the correct one.

6-Color checking

Finally, Packing

Each piece to be well packed with protective package to avoid scratching or damaging during the shipment.


We do every detail to ensure each procedure is going well and efficiently, our main goal is to offer the products that can meet your project quality requirements.

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