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The Magic Of Stainless Steel Frames

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A well-positioned mirror transforms a room with its reflective powers to lighten and enlarge a space, coupled with the element of interesting design,' says Pacey. When used carefully, a mirror can create the illusion of more space in the room, making its addition particularly impactful among small living room ideas. The customized color stainless steel mirror frames that make the overall mirror be with good protection and decoration.

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The frame of a mirror has the potential to dictate the aesthetic of the entire piece. Light or dark, wood or metal, simple or ornate, frames will affect the overall feel of a mirror.

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Choosing a framed mirror for your bathroom may sound like a bad idea since it'll be that much easier for moisture to get trapped, especially near the frame. Wooden frames in particular are more prone to rotting and eventually being destroyed.Metals are the most commonly used mirror coatings.A custom stainless steel framenot onlyAnti-rust and anti-corrosion,but also place an important role in creating a colourful to the room and upgrade the overall ambience of the room.


Stainless steel is virtually unbreakable and hygienic.It can protects the mirror edges well.

Living room mirror frame

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Mirrors in interior design have a way of adding ambiance to a room.Sometimes you cannot feel that ambiance without the light, space, and depth created by a mirror.


Adding a frame to a builder grade bathroom mirror is an easy and cost effective way to update the mirror without having to remove it or replace it.

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