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The Main Reasons Why The Cost Of Stainless Steel Material Rises Sharply

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      Recently, the stainless steel material has been keeping rising up for many days, which caused the price of our stainless steel products to rise. There is no doubt that this has had a significant impact on our business, and we cannot predict whether their prices will return to the previous price.There are many reasons for the price increase of stainless steel raw materials and I summarized a few reasons as following.

1, China limit steel production for carbon neutral

Now China government is limiting steel export in order to meet domestic demand for a short term and reduce carbon emission for a long-term Carbon Neutral goal.

2, All government print too much money and china print a trillion

3, Covid-19 is out of control in Indonesia.

4, South Africa unrest

5,Electricity limit 

6, Floods lead central mill stopped production & transportation breakdown.    

   The material cot increase will influence our products price especial for those products which the material cost takes a large proportion. Hope we can get through this difficult time soon.


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