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Payment policy

We only accept T/T and L/C as safe and convenient payment methods.

Pay with T/T and L/C

Payment method: T/T is a telegraphic transfer (Telegraphic Transfer, T/T), business. The above is divided into former T/T

(Payment in advance) and after T/T (payment after shipment or receipt)

In the transaction, it is more risky than the letter of credit, but the fee paid to the bank is much lower than the fee paid by the letter of credit.

Other payment methods:

L/C is a letter of credit. This is a transaction method commonly used in international trade. Its risk is low. The bank acts as an intermediary. 

It is a kind of bank credit. However, both parties pay a high fee to the bank. Now the problem of letter of credit fraud has also appeared in 

the transaction, so you should also choose carefully when using it.