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Hotel Indoor Stainless Steel PVD Coating Color Plating Professional Custom Trashcan

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1. Anti-fingerprint treatment on the surface, thickened material, sturdy and anti-drop, stainless steel PVD coating color can be customized according to customer needs; 2. Stainless steel sheet has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high toughness, and good processing performance. Therefore, it is one of the first choice high-quality materials for the production of environmentally friendly trash cans. 3. Dirt-resistant, easy to clean, no dust, no need to worry about maintenance.


stainless steel standing trashcan


Hotel, Villa, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital, School, Mall, Shops, casino, club, restaurant, shopping mall, exhibition hall


Color:Titanium gold, rose gold, champagne gold, coffee, brown, bronze, brass, wine red, purple, sapphire, Ti-black, wooden, marble, texture, etc. 

Thickness:0.8~1.0mm; 1.0~1.2mm; 1.2~3mm 

Finished: HairLine, No.4, 6k/8k/10k mirror, vibration, sandblasted, linen, etching, embossed, anti-fingerprint, etc.



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