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A New and good start of 2021 after Chinese new year holiday.

Hora: 2021-03-10 Golpes : 81

Firstly best wishes to all the customers, hopefully everything going pretty well on you and as well as your business. Thanks for supporting and being good cooperation in the past years. Although the world environment still suffering the COVID-19 this year, we are all stand together to make effort to minimize the influence and get win-win business.

In the past year, there was some difficulty, but we finally got through and overcame it together.

Our Spring Festival Vacation is over, workers and staff were back to work as usual. Thanks to the government and people's effort to control the virus well. By suffering severe virus environment one year, now virus being control well, we don't need to wear mask always now. 

Inoxfurt metal factory

Everything is fine here, we'll do our best to offer you good quality and good service as before cooperation and even better.

We would like to continue and extend the cooperation with you!

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SIGUIENTE: Inoxfurt ha seguido estrictamente los estándares certificados por SGS, una organización de pruebas internacional, y ha prestado servicios a clientes de todo el mundo.