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Acero inoxidable en equipamiento interior

Hora: 2022-04-14 Golpes : 9

When you ready for the interior fit-out, what’s kind design style you like? What’s your dream house looks like? Modern Simplicity, Light Luxury or New Chinese Style? Today, we are sharing the stainless steel in Modern Simplicity design. 

sala de estar

Stainless steel as one of the four major materials in the decoration industry, is widely used in interior decoration, in this design case, stainless steel is mainly used in stainless steel furniture, wall board decoration, ceiling surrounding decoration.

Because of its stainless steel reflection, stainless steel can achieve a variety of colors in the surrounding environment, the effect of photograph reflection. At the same time, with the cooperation of light, it can also form a crystal bright highlight part, which helps to form a center of interest in the space environment in these shared spaces, and to strengthen, ornament and foil the effect of the space environment.

tabique de pantalla de acero inoxidable

What is the function in interior fit-out? 

For a few door model, enter the door can take the whole indoor space in a glance, if a guest visits, inevitably can have a few embarrassment, the space is also to appear disorderly, lack of design sense. If there is a screen, it can play a role of diverting the line of sight, dividing the area, so that the sense of spatial privacy is improved.

bedroom details

Stainless steel night table and light, the structure is mainly stainless steel, with corrosion resistance, high strength, strong and durable characteristics, can ensure that in a long time it will not deformation. From the appearance,  the night table and light is light, fashionable appearance, simple geometry, natural color performance, make the space is bright, and transparent and unconsciously completed the amplification of the space, let the bedroom more breathing feeling, visual continuous is one of the most outstanding of stainless steel.

stainless steel niche

Los nichos de pared pueden tener un gran impacto en todo tipo de escenarios de diseño, desde salas de estar hasta baños, cocinas e incluso comedores. Los nichos se pueden usar como armarios, estanterías, etc. No ocupa un área de construcción y es más conveniente de usar. Se pueden construir prácticamente en cualquier lugar y pueden ser particularmente útiles en hogares con poco espacio para agregar estantes o gabinetes.

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