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Placa corrugada de agua de acero inoxidable

Hora: 2022-02-28 Golpes : 38

What is Stainless steel water corrugated plate?

The pattern of the surface similar to the Wave, and will have a strong special decoration feeling. In particular, some hotel catering commercial space is frequently used to stainless steel water corrugated plate as the decoration of the ceiling and other areas, the special material of stainless steel makes the space from the visual level more rich, but what is the production process of stainless steel corrugated plate and how to use it.

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1.The production process and Manufacturing technology of corrugated plate:

Mostly the stainless steel surface treatment process is:hairline ,mirror, sandblasting, titanium plating, etching, fingerprint resistance, etc.Stainless steel water corrugated plate is made by stamping, Stamping the pattern on a stainless steel plate,Embossing is done on a patterned work roll,Its work rollers are usually machined with an erosive fluid,The depth of the bump on the plate varies depending on the pattern, about 20-30 microns,Stainless steel water corrugated plate color can also be customized,In the process of making, make the main body and coloring layer form a whole,To maintain the basic structure and basic performance of the original stainless steel.

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2.The specification of the stainless steel corrugated plate:

The common stainless steel water corrugated plate is 304 steel, 304L steel,Some areas with special requirements, 316 steel, which has better corrosion resistance, will also be used.Thickness of 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm,different factories produce, specifications and sizes are slightly different,The general width is 0.5m, 0.8m, 1m, 1.22 m, 1.5m, the length can be customized,Colors can also be customized, such as: natural, bronze, champagne, blue, etc.Normally the original silver color in conventional use,Stainless steel water corrugated plate can be customized to various patterns, the Common are: pearl rice, pearl plate, refined corrugated plate.Small square grain, lozenge square grain, archaize square grain, leather grain,etc

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3.The application of the stainless steel corrugated plate:

(1)Safety, environmental protection, fire prevention,Commercial space has higher requirements for fire protection.Many sales centers, department stores, hotels,large areas of stainless steel corrugated plate will be used for decoration.Strong and durable, impact resistant, corrosion resistant and colorless,Corrosion resistance and non - fading properties,Allowing it to be used on exterior walls and wet areas,For example: facade curtain wall, toilet, water curtain landscape area, etc.Not only can be used in commercial space, home decoration is also suitable.

(2)Strong decorative effect, mirror effect is very three-dimensional,Applied to the ceiling, the whole space becomes transparent,Variations in depth under different lights or lamplight,Shimmering, greatly deepened the sense of spatial hierarchy,To create a visual effect similar to an impressionist painting.Easy to clean, maintenance-free, fingerless,Whether it is tooling or home decoration, the space needs to be cleaned regularly,Stainless steel water corrugated plate without too much maintenance, such as stains can be wiped with cloth.

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