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Como garantir um padrão de gravação perfeitamente macth?

Hora: 2021-11-05 Exitos : 20

Aço inoxidável etched panels are based on mirror plates, linha fina plates, and sandblasting plates, which by using chemical corrode the stainless steel surface, then making different patterns on surface. Depois de corroído,we do mais processado na superfície , Tais como: making hairline on part of the surface, PVD coating on some parts.The stainless steel plate achieves the effect of bright and escuro patterns and brilliant colors.

etched stainless steel panel

The etching process is as follows

1. Pre-etching treatment

We must clean and remove the oil and oxide film on the metal surface completely, which is a key important procedure to ensure the etched oil has a good adhesion to the metal surface.

2. Cleaning surface

Clean the metal surface oil should be based on the oily conditions of the inspiradores to determine the plan.Electro-limpeza oleo antes de o Gravado to ensure the effect of limpeza.

3.remoção the oxide film

We should select a good etching solution according to the type of metal and film thickness to ensure that the surface is clean.

etched stainless steel panel-4

4.Keep drying.

This is very important,there will be bad effect if have water on metal surface, which will damage the patterns, make it not perfect match.

etched stainless steel panel-5

5.We should produce standard etching pattern that match the designs,which needs the skill of etching and experience.

Under the action of light, the glue film of the gravura produces a photochemical reaction, so that the illuminated part is cross-linked into a water-insoluble glue film; and the non-illuminated part is dissolved by water,the non-glue film expord , so the pattern is lithographically engraved on the superfície to match the pattern of the black and white positive film.

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