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Revestimento de chuveiro em cor PVD de luxo

Hora: 2021-12-17 Exitos : 27

Mostly we will uses stainless steel and aluminium material to make the frame for shower room.

Stainless steel shower room is made by using stainless steel material frame, standard tempered glass and hardware accessories composed of the shower room, one point to note that the material must be used 304 or 316 stainless steel material to make sure a better anticorrosive property


Normally the non-professional client, stainless steel and aluminum material both have no obvious difference, how we can distinguish it?

1, from the type of material difference

Stainless steel shower room is made of stainless steel frame, and then matched with hardware accessories and tempered glass shower room, one thing to note is that the material must be made of 304 or 316 grade stainless steel; Aluminium shower room, it is the inside and outside frame that uses aluminium to do, match the shower room that takes toughened glass and hardware fittings to form.


2, from the corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of Stainless steel material will be better than aluminum material  . When the client who using shower room,it is hard to avoid the clean skin such as bath dew, shampoo is tasted. These articles contain certain acid alkaline,when used for a long time, and will have corrosion to the material, stainless steel shower room can avoid the situation of corrosion, but the surface of aluminum alloy can produce corrosion reaction, now we can used the PVD coating for the stainless steel also can produce

3, from the appearance of comparison

Stainless steel shower room appearance is clean and simple, metal texture is strong, some stainless steel material can change the color code of a single situation; Aluminum alloy material pledges the aluminum profile color of shower room to change diversiform, the factory produces the appearance of a variety of vision, after using on electroplating craft, can assure fashionable characteristic more.


4, from the insulation difference

If the indoor conditions are the same, stainless steel shower room and aluminum alloy shower room insulation effect is not much different.

5, from the price

Stainless steel shower room price is higher than the price of aluminum shower room, but the stainless steel 

service life is much longer, and aluminum shower room cost performance is a little higher.


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