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Nichos de parede de aço inoxidável-criam mais espaço

Hora: 2022-03-09 Exitos : 68

Stainless steel Niche is a very new term for home decoration. In modern home decoration, it is a design concept that combines hard and soft furnishings. The space left on the wall is used as a storage facility.


Os nichos de parede podem causar um grande impacto em todos os tipos de cenários de design, desde salas de estar a banheiros, cozinhas e até áreas de jantar. Os nichos podem ser usados ​​como armários, estantes, etc. Não ocupa área de construção e é mais conveniente de usar. Eles podem ser construídos em praticamente qualquer lugar e podem ser particularmente úteis em casas com pouco espaço para adicionar prateleiras ou armários.

15Stainless steel niche

The location of the niche should consider the furniture arrangement and ease of use.

 They can also help minimize clutter or act as a way to view objects you want to use as a central focus in your home, aside from storage. There are several various ways to use wall niches and we’ll look at how you can get the most out of wall niches in your own home today.

Sometimes it’s nice to break out of the traditional mold and do something a little bit different. These asymmetric wall niches, built into an outset accent wall add just the right amount of flavor (and decorative storage) to an otherwise stark interior.

4_ 副本

Unique aesthetics of an stainless steel niche

Different Colors of stainless steel have the power to create a comfortable and welcoming environment.Inoxfurt Metal has combined innovative functionality with unique aesthetics to create stunning wall niches. Whether you choose the elegance of stainless steel, the feeling of antique or the modern look of anthracite and black. Create your perfect environment.

These wide, shallow niches create artistic, museum-like light boxes that bring some color and depth to the room, which showing young people's yearning for bright sunshine and enthusiasm for real life.



Always persue high quality

In each production procedure,we always pay attention to exquisite workmanship-full welding 

corners; PVD color which improve the lifelong usage and with anti finger print;

What's more, we enhance the stainless steel niche to be antibacterial, moisture-proof 

and corrosion-resistant.

full welding

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