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Atmosfera quente Potência das telas de aço inoxidável

Hora: 2021-12-08 Exitos : 47

   With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are pursuing higher and higher quality of life. More and more people like taking a photo to commemorate their happy moments.It is the truth all around the world. Designers catch this points when they design the interior for the hotel and restaurant:fashion and modern but with warm atmosphere, which will attract people like staying longer with friends and family members.

stainless steel partition (2)

Modern stainless steel screens are artworks that beautify the modern restaurant. It is an artistic practice product carried out to improve people's living environment. Therefore, metal screens are inseparable from the modern environment, and they are also enhanced by the appearance of modern screens. The environment mainly refers to the indoor space of the building. 

   In the decoration process, many restaurant choose to use "stainless steel metal screens" in order to make reasonable use of the space. Stainless steel partition is currently a more popular way of partitioning. Its production design can fully integrate modern fashion elements and itself style, which not only highlights its sense of the times, but also highlights its sense of the times. 

  Bellow pictures are the cases of the stainless steel room divider screen that perfectly enhance the beauty of the modern hotel restaurant.

Project:North Korea Hotel

Location: North Korea

Products:Stainless steel screen, custom designs stainless steel room divider, metal wall decoration screen, metal wall panels, stainless steel shelf, stainless steel wine cabinets

Material: 304 aço inoxidável

Finished:PVD coating gold hairline

PREV: Revestimento de chuveiro em cor PVD de luxo

PRÓXIMO: Produção e instalação de bordas de aço inoxidável