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Participated In The Fitout Project Of Philippine Admiral Hotel Manila
Our team always work as a stainless steel products consultant and manufacturer,we'll give you the best solution and suggestion on the fixing and designs which you'll save much time and use less budget cost to finish your project. Customized designs and sizes of metal screens, wall decorative panels, ceiling trims, wall profiles, railings, aluminum honeycomb panels,all kinds of metal frames are acceptable.
The Company's New Year's Plan and the Upgrade of the New Color Sheet Book
The company's main business and company scale have been upgraded in the new year, as well as the new version of the color sheet book; the factory and the company have new changes and new plans in the new year;
Factors That Affecting Delivery Time of Finished Customized Stainless steel products
The delivery of the customized stainless steel products, not only required the workers to be familiar with the work content, and arrange a reasonable amount of work every day, but also there are many aspects that need workers to pay attention in the production process. Let's take a closer look at it.
How To Ensure Stainless Steel Etching Pattern Perfectly Match?
Stainless steel etched panels are based on mirror plates, hairline plates, and sandblasting plates, which by using chemical corrode the stainless steel surface, then making different patterns on surface. After corroded,we do further processed on surface , such as: making hairline on part of the surface, PVD coating on some parts.The stainless steel plate achieves the effect of bright and dark patterns and brilliant colors.