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  • Project Sharing -Empire Cinema Project In KSA2021-12-27
    Project Sharing -Empire Cinema Project In KSA

    Inoxfurt Metal has not only done many hotel projects, but also completed many cinema projects. Nowadays, more and more stainless steel works are used in cinema interiors projects, because metal can reflect the high-end feeling and bright atmosphere, giving people a visual impact.

  • Luxury PVD Color Shower Room Cladding2021-12-17
    Luxury PVD Color Shower Room Cladding

    Mostly we will uses stainless steel and aluminium material to make the frame for shower room. Stainless steel shower room is made by using stainless steel material frame, standard tempered glass and hardware accessories composed of the shower room, one point to note that the material must be used 304 or 316 stainless steel material to make sure a better anticorrosive property

  • Warm atmosphere Stainless Steel Screens' power2021-12-08
    Warm atmosphere Stainless Steel Screens' power

    With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are pursuing higher and higher quality of life. More and more people like taking a photo to commemorate their happy moments.It is the truth all around the world. Designers catch this points when they design the interior for the hotel and restaurant:fashion and modern but with warm atmosphere, which will attract people like staying longer with friends and family members.