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  • Hotel Lobby Metal Work2022-04-26
    Hotel Lobby Metal Work

    A Hotel lobby less than 600 square meters, not only needs to solve the limitations of the site environment, a large part of the inherent function of the space layout, placement problems, but also needs to face in addition, the design in the sense of space innovation, that is, the design itself "creative" and "aesthetic expression", in response to the designer's occasional self.

  • Stainless Steel In Interior Fit-out2022-04-14
    Stainless Steel In Interior Fit-out

    When you ready for the interior fit-out, what’s kind design style you like? What’s your dream house looks like? Modern Simplicity, Light Luxury or New Chinese Style? Today, we are sharing the stainless steel in Modern Simplicity design.

  • Laser Cut Screens Capture Your Interests2022-04-04
    Laser Cut Screens Capture Your Interests

    You will save on your decorative screen project when you directly come to the manufacturer every time.We will work with you to create beautiful laser cut decorative screens that will capture your style and creativity.