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  • Faced With The Unprecedented Situation Of "Opening Two And Stopping Five"2021-09-30
    Faced With The Unprecedented Situation Of "Opening Two And Stopping Five"

    Faced with the unprecedented situation of "opening two and stopping five", "limiting production of 90%", and "stopping production of thousands of enterprises", local enterprises feel more pressure. If long-term electricity, production capacity cannot keep up with demand, we can only further reduce orders and tighten supply on the demand side.

  • Factors That Affecting Delivery Time2020-09-15
    Factors That Affecting Delivery Time

    The delivery of the customized stainless steel products, not only required the workers to be familiar with the work content, and arrange a reasonable amount of work every day, but also there are many aspects that need workers to pay attention in the production process. Let's take a closer look at it.

  • What Is A Stainless Steel Decorative Panel?2021-09-07
    What Is A Stainless Steel Decorative Panel?

    In the impression of many people, stainless steel still remains in the application of tableware and countertops. Now, stainless steel has returned to everyone's vision as a new type of decorative material. It has a changeable shape, super plasticity, as an indoor and outdoor decoration effect is very ideal, today we will study what is a stainless steel decorative panel.