The Scope Of Application Of Stainless Steel Decorative Profiles

With the improvement of people's aesthetics for decoration, stainless steel decorations are becoming more and more popular, especially stainless steel decorative profiles, which have different shapes and colors can also be customized, and are used more and more in interior decoration. Today we will make a brief introduction to stainless steel decorative profiles.


The characteristics of stainless steel profiles

The stainless steel profiles has the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, waterproof, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance, and climate change resistance. The surface is smooth and clean, with beautiful and diverse shapes and good decorative effects. It is a high-end decorative material.

The scope of application of stainless steel decorative  profiles

Stainless steel profiles can be used in various places.  Not only applied to the architectural decoration industry, but also used in industrial manufacturing and artistic decoration. Especially for star-rated hotels, high-end clubs, Grade A office buildings, villas, and large sales offices, in order to show the noble atmosphere, stainless steel decorative lines are the choice. For the borders of signboard advertisements and knowledge signs, if stainless steel decorative  profiles are selected, the appearance is obviously much better, and it becomes more dynamic and attractive. If it is used as an advertising sign, the effect is better.


Production process

Using PVD vacuum electroplating, the commonly used colors are: rose gold, bronze, titanium, black titanium, champagne gold, gold, etc.

Material: 201/304/316.

Cutting board: cut the length and width according to the requirements or drawings

Grooving: Grooving is a kind of scoring and grooving at the position where the stainless steel plate needs to be bent with a groover.

Bending: Then bend the shape you need, T-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped, special-shaped and other processing.


The advantages of stainless steel decorative profiles


The stainless steel decorative profiles is easy to install, labor-saving and material-saving. Use corners, ceramic tiles or stone without extra corners. The chamfering, ceramic tile and stone master can complete the installation simply and easily. The stainless steel decorative profiles make the decoration beautiful and bright. The curved surface of the corners is smooth and the profiles are straight, which can effectively ensure that the corners of the wrapping are straight and make the corners of the decoration more three-dimensional. The stainless steel decorative profiles has stable performance and is not affected by any climatic conditions. It has excellent anti-collision properties and can post your ideal angle according to your decoration requirements.