All Employees of The Company Conduct Annual Health Check-up Activities

In order to reflect the company's love for employees, to do a good job in caring for employees' physical and mental health, to fully mobilize employees' enthusiasm for work, to establish a "people-oriented" corporate culture concept, to enhance corporate cohesion, and to enable employees to better understand their own health status. 

According to the company's past practice and combined with the actual situation, the company cooperates with the hospital's occupational physical examination center, and the company's labor union is mainly responsible for the specific organization of the physical examination. In order to ensure that the physical examination is carried out in a normal and orderly manner, and at the same time minimize the impact on production and work, professional medical personnel will be arranged to conduct annual health examinations for all employees in the factory from December 14, 2022.


This physical examination is for special types of work. The main items include blood routine, urine routine, liver and kidney function, pulmonary function, internal medicine, electrolytes (choose those containing calcium and phosphorus), blood lipids, blood sugar, glycosylated hemoglobin, thyroid function, and blood coagulation. , tumor markers, blood pressure, surgery, B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, liver function, audiovisual and other related special physical examinations. There are 125 employees participating in the physical examination. The company has established a medical examination file for each employee, and timely feedback the medical examination information to ensure that employees can devote themselves to work in good physical condition.


This physical examination is to let everyone have a comprehensive understanding of their physical condition, provide protection for the health of employees, and at the same time implement the work of caring for and caring for employees. The management of the company group attaches great importance to it, arranges it reasonably, and organizes it meticulously to ensure that the physical examination work is carried out smoothly and orderly. In the factory workshop, those who participated in the physical examination lined up to receive the physical examination form, checked item by item under the guidance of medical staff, and established health work files.


The cost of the physical examination is fully borne by the company, which has been well received by the employees. The health check-up activity of caring for employees has further enhanced the health awareness of the majority of cadres and workers, so that the majority of cadres and workers can keep abreast of their physical conditions, and do a good job in disease prevention in a targeted manner, so that the guiding ideology of "people-oriented, prevention first" will be implemented. The implementation will make the majority of cadres and workers feel more fulfilled, happy, and secure, more secure, and more sustainable. It will lead the majority of employees to devote themselves to their posts with full enthusiasm, make contributions, and effectively promote the continuous development of the labor movement.



Employees who participated in the physical examination also learned more health care methods and knowledge, and felt more care and love from the company. For this physical examination, the employees are very satisfied, thank the company for caring about the health of employees so much, and giving them warm care, which is a deep concern for us. Through the physical examination, the purpose of "early diagnosis, early detection, early prevention, and early treatment" can be achieved , It is conducive to enhancing cohesion and centripetal force, and creating a good atmosphere for harmonious development.