Introduction In Function Of Stainless Steel Screen

Stainless steel screen is now a very popular space separation decoration, used in a lot of hotels, restaurants, clubs, and villas, private residences. Especially after stainless steel screen installation completed, it can bring the characteristic that is full of modern feeling to the whole space. This is also the fundamental reason that stainless steel screen is popular. 

Besides decorative nature, stainless steel screen should have certain practical nature. Just like the benefits of its basic segmentation of the space, it can be a very good isolation of space, and this way of isolation can be a complete isolation or semi-isolation. 



Stainless steel screens are important indoor furniture and are often placed in conspicuous positions. The main function of the screen is to block the wind and shielding. With the change of living style, the scale of furniture has been increased accordingly, and the layout of stainless steel screens in the interior has also had a certain pattern.


Generally speaking, there are two ways of symmetry and asymmetry. Generally, the hall has chairs in the center in front of the screen. There are four chairs facing each other on either sides, or just two round stools in front of the screen, for the guests and the host to sit opposite each other. This is the main function of ancient screens. Therefore, the original function of the screen is the barrier, which can flexibly divide the space and at the same time have a certain orientation to the space.



In modern times, the main function of stainless steel screens has changed from practical functions in the past to purely decorative functions, that is to say, stainless steel screens, as a visual language, are directly placed in our living environment and play the role of decoration. The meaning of the picture has also changed from the theme decoration in the past to a purely constitutive and purely decorative decoration. Therefore, the main function of modern stainless steel screens is decoration first, practical second, and more emphasis on decoration.


The above content is the benefits of installing stainless steel screens. Now, in addition to these benefits, stainless steel screens actually have the benefits of Feng Shui. For Chinese people, many people will consider Feng Shui when they buy a house and decorate a house, and installing stainless steel screens can resolve the bad Feng Shui layout of some houses. It is not easy to accumulate wealth.



The above is the introduction in function of stainless steel in interior decoration. Inoxfurt Metal have 15 years experience in the stainless steel products field like screen, jamb, Handle, Skirt for hotel, shopping mall, villa fit-out projects. We are providing OEM/ODM service, focusing on the design and development of high-end stainless steel products for overseas and domestic client.