Multi-dimensional Design With Stainless Steel Products

With the development of the times and the progress of the society, diversified lifestyles such as pleasing oneself, living at home, socializing, and individuality are becoming more and more popular. Interior design teams are trying to explore the ideal form of a new city and space, symbiosis between inside and outside, and elegant style. Stainless steel products decoration place an important role in this.

With obvious stainless steel mirror gold decorative trims on the reception hall which is eye-catching and increase the modern sense.A few decorative U shape trims on back wall from bottom and extend to the top ceiling that made the whole back wall with layering sense.

Marble and stainless steel trim profiles match perfectly, different kinds of materials and textures collision makes the level more distinct. It not only breaks the dullness and monotony, but also outlines the atmospheric oriental charm at the beginning.


The space is in a progressive state, guiding visitors slowly inwards and stimulating their desire to explore in depth. The warm light injected into the dark tone, which bringing diversity and interest, and it is also just right to permeate the elegant beauty.

Negotiation areas are decorative with comfortable colors,divided by stainless steel tube screens,which not only has the effect of neutralizing and buffering, but also has a mysterious sense of semi-enclosure. It is worth mentioning that this also ensures its open and transparent atmosphere.

White gypsum ceiling with few mirror black color ceiling trims;near french windows there are customized room partitions to enhance the whole beauty feeling and giving it is relaxed and informal, concise and rich. No matter it is a formal discussion or a sit-down chat, it can be freely transformed.

4_.jpgRoom divider screen.jpg