What Is A Stainless Steel Decorative Panel?

In the impression of many people, stainless steel still remains in the application of tableware and counter tops. Now, stainless steel has returned to everyone's vision as a new type of decorative material. It has a changeable shape, super plasticity, as an indoor and outdoor decoration effect is very ideal, today we will study what is a stainless steel decorative panel.


1. What is stainless steel decorative sheet


Stainless steel was invented in the early 20th century by British scientist Henry Brearly, when he was commissioned by the arsenal to conduct research to improve the wear of the rifle barrel. In the experiment, a variety of alloy steels were synthesized, but none of them reached the desired level of wear resistance, so they were all thrown into the scrap pile. After a period of time, there was a piece of material in the waste pile that remained shiny, and Blairley thought, since it can't be used to make guns, can it be used to make dinner plates and knives?


As a result, stainless steel was born and mass-produced and used, and Henry Brelley was also known as the "father of stainless steel.         


There are three common materials of stainless steel used as decoration, 304 stainless steel, 304L stainless steel, and 316L stainless steel. Their respective properties are as follows:


2. Types of stainless steel decorative panels


The stainless steel used as decoration has a rich form, common types are: mirror, water ripple, brushed, vibration, bead blasted (sandblasting) etc.

a. mirror 


b. water ripple


c. brushed


d. vibration


e. bead blasted (sand blasting)



3.Features of stainless steel decorative panels


a. Strong decorative effect


The styles of decorative stainless steel are very rich. The three-dimensional and visual effects it presents are very obvious. It is matched with the light luxury style, the new Chinese style, the minimalist style, and the industrial style are all very characteristic, which can make the space effect more colorful.


b. The fire resistance and moisture resistance of fireproof and moisture-proof stainless steel are very strong, high temperature resistance of 800 ℃, low temperature resistance of -196 ℃, can withstand the test of ice and fire.


c. Safe, environmentally friendly stainless steel material is healthy and environmentally friendly, does not release formaldehyde and radiation, is very suitable for indoor decoration, can be reused, and meet the pursuit of sustainable development.


d. Easy to clean. The cleaning of stainless steel products is very convenient and does not require time for maintenance. It can be wiped directly without discoloration. Be careful not to wipe with a strong alkaline solution.


e. The price is higher. Compared with other decorative materials, such as decorative panels and decorations, stainless steel is more expensive than other materials. Such as aluminum plate, acrylic, plastic, etc. can be used as its substitutes.