Metal Decoration- FIRST FUTURE COMMUNITY In ShaoXing

On the south bank of Hangzhou Bay, there is a beautiful city with a long history, telling the waterside of the dream, it is Shaoxing. The urban temperament of modern and ancient rhythm accommodates everything in the world, and it also breeds infinite vitality.


Since ancient times, Shaoxing has been a city that was born and prospered by water and surrounded by cultural relics. Crossing the Wu Peng River, the breeze is blowing; this is the small town's pursuit of a happy and comfortable life.

The metal decorative case is located in Keqiao District, Shaoxing. The original intention of the design is to create a happy space for mind, body and soul; to create a symbiotic space for people, nature, culture and art.


Through the derivation of local culture, the decomposition and evolution of the elements in it are refined, and the life art of "24-hour happiness" is penetrated into the sentiment of the space, and a large number of streamlined metal designs and art installations are used to strengthen the concept of symbiosis with nature. Resonate with local culture and modern art.



The attribute of a city lies in the culture and more in the story condensed on that land. Starting from the actual use function; integrating the local culture and creating a future home experience center with a sense of belonging. The city prospered by water absorbs the information of the city's surging, and it grows endlessly. Born out of water, citing, ordering, stacking, and looking - a flowing spatial layout.


Flow is the eternity of water. The entire reception hall extracts the image of flowing water ripples and reconstructs it artistically. It is decorated with simple lines and stainless steel materials, and the golden morning light spreads out layer by layer with a sense of array.

The space introduces the cute pet IP "An An Tiger" The stainless steel sculpture as the happiness experience officer, extracts the element of the circle (sun), and designs it to form a solar installation. Combined with the IP of Zhong An Group and the representative elements of the Sun and Moon Group, it echoes theme of the "rising sun, looking at each other." It not only establishes the emotional connection between the two parties, but also enhances the interaction and experience with the visitors.


The wavy stainless steel marble reception desk, corresponding to the drop-shaped metal chandelier, uses hard material to express the flowing beauty, and solidifies the interest of life into eternity. Streamlined decorations are embedded in the regular blocks, and the meandering and light white belts are superimposed on the landscape, like curved water in the garden surrounded by trees, guiding visitors to explore deeper.


The building model area is the best interpretation of the whole design. The implantation of art and culture endows the space with the essence and soul. The carefully considered light gathers from all sides. The Wu Peng boat-shaped chandelier is suspended above the sand table area and spirals upward, injecting the culture of the Jiangnan water town into the entire space, extending the space visually, overlapping and echoing, creating a multi-dimensional visual effect. 

The landscape stainless steel screen of Fuquan Mountain in Shaoxing is extracted, and the lake water is used as the element as the content of the installation painting. Based on the concept of "human-landscape interaction", the open space layout incorporates more cultural symbols in the city. Shaoxing yellow wine bottles are used as elements to lay art sculptures. The modern furnishings combine the elements of the hometown of yellow wine. Its sinuous shape exudes a clear beauty in the rhythm, making the space full of tension and becoming the soul and visual focus of the space.