Customized Stainless Steel Metal Work Make The Design Different For The Interior Project

what is the thing that make you impressive?I thing it is the thing that you have never see,return to our interior fit out project for the commercial project like hotel project,shopping mall project,if you want to attract more client come for visiting,the interior decoration should make it different,now people like share their live on their friend group and share on the social Media like facebook,Linkedin,Ticktok,when they meet some special decoration they take some picture on their social media.In the modern society, people like the new thing,and like share the new thing on the Internet,a special interior that can be a good AD.


Now the Interior architect like to use the customized stainless steel metal work for their project,cause the stainless steel material have a good plasticity than the wooden,some wooden material can not make the shape,the stainless steel can easy to make,and also many wooden item,can use stainless steel to instead,same shape item with different material,the wooden material  look like matte,stainless steel material will look like shinny


First, the classification of stainless steel decorative panel


1. Color stainless steel hairline penel. The texture of the hairline is like hair long and thin and straight. Its surface resembles a wire texture, which is a stainless steel processing technique. The surface is matte, and the texture is carefully left on it, but you can't feel it. It is more durable than the average stainless steel finish and looks more advanced. The hairline panel has a variety of textures, can be processed into snow sand texture (NO4) and texture (chaotic texture), cross texture, etc. All textures are polished with oil as required. After the surface is drawn, it is electroplated and tinted。

2. Color stainless steel mirror penel like a mirror,when people looks at the surface,they can see Clearly of what you looks like。

3. Color stainless steel sandblasting plate sandblasting plate with zirconium bead is processed by mechanical equipment on the surface of stainless steel, so that the surface of the plate presents a fine beaded sand surface, forming a unique decorative effect. It is then plated and colored.

4. Color stainless steel composite process plate according to the process requirements, polishing line, coating, etching, sandblasting and other processes are concentrated on the same board surface, in order to carry out the combined process processing. It is then plated and colored.


Second,Installation and construction steps


1. Installation of the foundation structure: the installation process of the basic foundation structure can refer to the construction process of the wooden structure or light steel structure, and repeated perpendicularity and flatness check;


2. Fixed bottom plate: the bottom plate is usually made of 5-12mm thick plywood. The construction method and requirements are the same as the common wooden cover plate, but when the structure is light steel structure or Angle steel structure, please drill holes on the structure first. , the bottom plate is fixed on the keel with tapping screws, and the screw head should not be higher than the surface of the bottom plate.


3. Fixed panel: Before installation, the color stainless steel decorative panel must be made into the shape of finished products according to the design size and modeling requirements. When there is a bottom plate, the bottom plate and the back of the stainless steel are daubed with versatile adhesive, and then the prepared stainless steel plate is gently pasted on the bottom plate; If no base plate is available, the pre-treated stainless steel plate is fixed to the light steel keel with stainless steel screws or welded directly to the keel.


4. Edge dressing: edge dressing, filling sealant, stainless steel grooves in the interface between the stainless steel or the inner and outer corners of the pressure method used for edge dressing and decoration.

5. Wipe the surface of the colored stainless steel with a soft dry cloth and tear off the protective film.

Stainless steel has a metallic texture, a rich variety of colors and patterns, and a rounded appearance. Widely used for decoration and decoration, can be used for all kinds of stainless steel doors, elevators, cabinets, hotel KTV decoration, etc. Stainless steel decoration can maintain the original decorative effect for a long time. It also has a mirror-like effect that interacts with the colors and landscape of the surrounding environment. Moreover, due to the strong light reflection of the polished stainless steel decorative pieces, it can also form bright parts, thus helping to form a center of attention or focus in the spatial environment.