Why There Will Be Fingerprints On It After Finished Anti-fingerprint?

When touch the stainless steel anti-fingerprint plate with your hand, you will be confused why there will be fingerprints on it after finished anti-fingerprint?


Features: The domestic first anti-fingerprint stainless steel frosted plate technology processing technology, the anti-fingerprint stainless steel plate technology, completely change the cold and dull stainless steel flaws, has the advantages of novelty, environmental protection, durability, strong 3D, hygienic and beautiful, effectively becoming The visual effect loved by consumers.

The advantages of anti-fingerprints are visual beauty, high quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-strike, anti-pressure, anti-scratch, and not easy to leave fingerprints.


Anti-fingerprint function: The surface of stainless steel is processed with advanced anti-fingerprint technology to increase the beauty and durability of the metal decorative plate. Its main purpose is to prevent people from touching these plates and leaving fingerprints on the surface. It is easier to clean than conventional boards. It will not be stained with oil, sweat, dust, etc. to make the surface lose its luster.

Generally used in high-end bathroom cabinets, cabinets and other cabinets. The material is made of hard national standard high-quality stainless steel plate, which is processed by dozens of processes such as cutting, pressing, bending, forming, welding, oiling, sand drawing, etc. Finally, the world’s most advanced special fingerprint-free processing technology is applied to the surface, which is beautiful, high-quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, resistant, pressure resistant, scratch resistant, not easy to leave fingerprints, good abrasion resistance, and quality is far superior For ordinary stainless steel plates.


The anti-fingerprint technology has changed the previous problem that the stainless steel surface will leave obvious fingerprints when touched. The anti-fingerprint technology can make the color stainless steel surface gloss more durable and lasting, reducing the time of daily maintenance.


What are the advantages of anti-fingerprint:


1. It is easy to clean surface stains and does not require metal cleaners. Some chemical agents will make the surface of stainless steel plates black; and it is not easy to stick to fingerprints, dust, and feel delicate. It has super anti-fingerprint and anti-fouling effects.


2. The anti-fingerprint transparent film layer can protect the metal surface from scratching easily, because the surface electroplating gold oil has good film properties, high hardness, and is not easy to peel, chalk, and yellow.


3. The appearance has strong texture, oily moisturizing, soft hand feeling, and retains a good metallic texture.


4. The anti-fingerprint board changes the cold and dull characteristics of metal, and looks warm, elegant, and decorative.


5. Anti-fingerprint oil has excellent anti-fingerprint and anti-rust performance. A protective film is formed on the metal surface to effectively prevent the outside from corroding the inside of the metal, and the service life is greatly extended.


Therefore, anti-fingerprint does not mean that no fingerprints will be left, but when people touch the surface of these plates, the fingerprints left behind are not so obvious. At the same time, it is easier to clean than conventional plates, making the color stainless steel surface gloss more durable and long lasting. Time for daily maintenance