Project name: Korea Jeju Historic Shinhwa Hotel Project


Country: Korea


Project Area:Lobby / KTV room / Restaurant / Corridor / Gaming center


Address: Jeju, Korea


Service items: Stainless Steel Guardrail, Stainless Steel Handrail, Stainless Steel Partition Screen, Restaurant Stainless Steel Decorative Wall (profile), Stainless Steel Door,etc.

Restaurant partition.jpg

We are always open to challenges involving science, engineering and manufacturing, especially when we help our customers improve product quality.


Our stainless steel custom screens are very flexible in installation and decoration. Includes stainless steel laser cutout screens and stainless steel tube tailor welded screens that can be configured to match the look and style of your space.

Lobby Partition 1.jpg

In this case, our stainless steel screen decoration scenes can be seen everywhere. The reception center in the lobby adopts a large screen with a thickness of 5mm welded with a height of over 10M. The surface is brushed champagne gold + anti-fingerprint. The screens decorated in KTV rooms, restaurants and corridors are all in the form of stainless steel decorative walls; while the decorative screens in the gaming center are mainly in the form of functional areas and partitions.

Lobby Partition 2.jpg

Hollowing process refers to the use of laser cutting to cut patterns on the surface of stainless steel materials to get the patterns we want. Stainless steel common stainless steel models are divided into 201#, 304#, 316#. The hollow screen made of 304# stainless steel plate has a wide range of applications, because the 304# stainless steel material has good ductility, brushed texture, and the superiority of polished mirror surface, and the price is also between these two materials. 

304# stainless steel hollow screen has many advantages over the other two materials. Because the pattern on the surface of the stainless steel hollow screen can change with the decoration environment, it can be used in various high-end places, such as hotels, villas, clubs, restaurants, furniture and other places.

decorative wall.jpg

decorativewall partition.jpg

Stainless steel guardrails and handrails have undergone different polishing processes to form the decorative effect of modern industrial processing such as mirror, bead blasted, and brushed surfaces. Stainless steel has good physical properties in cold processing, hot processing, and welding. The high-end stainless steel guardrail and handrail structural parts are made of stainless steel, which has super mechanical properties and super corrosion resistance, so that the products have good resistance to horizontal loads, vertical loads, and soft and heavy impact. The building is safe to use.

KTV handrail + partition.jpg

Corridor partition.JPG

wall partition.jpg

All our stainless steel decorative products are CNC and hand-processed in each production process in Inoxfurt Metal's manufacturing plant in Foshan, China, so our custom metal decorative products manufacturing services can be tailored to the engineering needs of building construction, metal decorative projects, and commercial spaces Customize.


Restaurant wall partition 2.jpg

Restaurant wall partition.jpg

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