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Stainless Steel Products Under The Promotion Of Green Environmental Protection
Because wooden decorative building materials need to consume forest resources, easy to decay, and short service life, so using metal decorative building materials instead of wooden decorative building materials is conducive to the protection of forest resources. Metal materials are easy to be obtained, and processed metal decorative building materials
The Advantage Of Titanium Plating On Stainless Steel Screens
Now more and more interior construction will choose the PVD Titanium stainless steel material for the interior project,The advantage of titanium plating on stainless steel screens is to make the surface of the stainless steel screens full of metallic luster, and can increase the anti-corrosion performance, and the titanium plating has little environmental pollution and a short production cycle. Therefore, the titanium plating process is widely used in the production of stainless steel screens.
Customized Stainless Steel Metal Work Make The Design Different For The Interior Project
what is the thing that make you impressive?I thing it is the thing that you have never see,return to our interior fit out project for the commercial project like hotel project,shopping mall project,if you want to attract more client come for visiting,the interior decoration should make it different
Jeju Shinhwa Historical Casino Project Case Sharing
Jeju Shinhwa Historical Casino located in the Jeju Shihwa World Korea,there are many customized metal work being used for the interior decoration,all the customized stainless steel work were made by Inoxfurt Metal Co.,Ltd